On July 15th of this year, the band posted on their official page a photo of Chester, Joe Hann, and Mike Shinoda with comedian actor Ken Jeong. (Photo below). Only 5 days later, Linkin Park’s vocalist Chester Bennington committed suicide(Read story here). Linkin Park Carpool Karaoke Episode Ft Chester Bennington is set to be aired tonight on Linkin Park official page.

Bennington and the band recorded an episode of “Carpool Karaoke: The  Series” with actor Ken Jeong 2 weeks before singer Chester Bennington’s suicide. “Carpool Karaoke: The Series” is a web series spin-off of James Corden‘s popular Late Late Show segment. “We will approach it in whichever manner his family or the people that were involved in that episode, however they would like it to be handled,” Corden to the Associated Press.

Luckily, the authorization of Chester’s family and band management was given. The Carpool Karaoke episode will be aired for free LIVE on Linkin Park Page. At 8 PM (GMT) time. Check your time zone here.

The singer’s widow, Talinda Bennington, tweeted a “thank you” to the show on August 8.

Linkin Park Carpool Karaoke Episode Featuring Chester Bennington

Linkin Park Carpool Karaoke

Linkin Park’s singer Chester Bennington has committed suicide on July 20th at age 41. He hanged himself at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in L.A. County. His body was discovered Thursday 20th just before 9 AM.

Also, Linkin Park have announced a special show in honor of Chester. The band will be joined by a number of other artists, for an unforgettable night of music to honor the man that touched the lives of so many around the world.

Check Out Full Details: HERE.

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