With April Fools’ well past us, it is now safe to make this announcement, and we’re sure everyone will believe us.

Zix, the Lebanese heavy metal band, has been teasing us for a while about a thrilling announcement. Well today, they dropped the bomb, and it is official – Zix will be part of the Slovenian festival Metal Days 2016.

They’ll share the stage with Testament, Kreator, Blind Guardian, Exodus, etc…

They are the second Lebanese band to play there, the first being Blaakyum back in 2012-2013.

Zix Metal Days Slovenia 2016

Date: 24-30/07/2016

Current lineup:

  • Ziad Bardawil: Bass/founder
  •   Juan Carrizo: Guitars
  •  Walid Awar: Guitars –
  • Ziad El Alam: Drums
  •  Kenny Earl Rhino (Ex.Manowar): Drums on debut album
  • Maya Khairallah: Vocals on debut album.

Check out their self-produced demo EP “The WarWhore” 2012 mixed by the hard rock legend Steve Thompson along other major collaborations.

Well I can tell that things are turning out to be very promising for our local bands especially after news of Blaakyum’s full European tour with the Thrash Mercenaries ONSLAUGHT 2016, and now Zix will be kicking it at the Slovenian Metal Days 2016 festival. We couldn’t be happier, nor any prouder!

Long live Heavy Metal! Cheers \\m//

-Lilas Mayassi

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