It has become a trend to have Rock or Metal singers participating in commercial TV talent shows and shocking everyone either with their impeccable performances or the WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT shock effect. Few though could leave an impact on people in a way that you have to watch the video again and again, and make sure that all your friends watch this particular performance. The below video is one of those videos that you just cannot ignore.

In Spain’s Got Talent, Christina Ramos, a 37-year-old Opera singer, Opera Rock singer, or Rock singer? (all of them I guess), has put up one of those memorable performances I was talking about.
Starting with a Classic Opera song, showing an amazing technique, and a classy posture and fashion, just a little before she Rocked us all by performing a Classic Rock song, “Highway to Hell – AC/DC”.  The girl not only perfected the Opera part, but also kicked ass with the Rock song.
If you follow the program in any of its versions, you know what the “Golden Buzzer” is. And Christina got that golden buzzer from the jury of the program.
This proves that Rock is still at the top of the musical chain.



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