As we have previously reported that General Ahmed Hegazy, head of the Giza Security Directorate, claimed the reason to shut down the event was the lack of proper permits, and since Nader Sadek is still under arrest and we couldn’t contact him, we started to do some phone calls and questioning here and there to get closer to the truth, until we received this information from one of our reporters who got into a small chat with Islam PF, the bassist of “Perpetual Ferocity” who were scheduled to play the show.
Nader didn’t have the national security permit which is unattainable at any cost. It’s very political that situation. It’s obvious that the government doesn’t want metal music. Many other gigs happened at cultural centers simply to avoid the hassle of the national security permit. Nader did two concerts like that in Sakya. Nile Country Club canceled the event because of the missing permit.
So far, this seems the main reason why the concert was canceled, but until now, we do not know why Nader is still detained and what the charges he is accused of are, because we don’t think a permit for an event is punishable by imprisonment.

UPDATE 7-6-2016

A copy of a letter from the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate has surfaced online with content that can be translated as follows:

Director General of Manpower,

We hereby inform you that the Musicians Syndicate has no objection to issue the permit for the concert that will take place on 4/6/2016 (Nile Country Club) and that will feature:

1- A foreign band consisting of 4 members (Derrick Leon of American nationality and passport number **************, Andreas Kisser of Brazilian nationality and passport number **************, Eloy Casagrande of Brazilian nationality  and passport number **************, Paulo Jr. of Brazilian nationality  and passport number **************)

For “Al Kawkab” company, and Ad valorem duties have been paid by virtue of receipt No. /2325/ dated 24/5/2016. And in case there were any other clauses, a penalty of twice the value of the permit shall be paid, while preserving the syndicate’s right to…

Letter From Egyptian Musicians Syndicate

The letter above should have been sent to another legal entity called “Al Mosanafat”. Nader has supposedly done that, but apparently, the authorities kept asking for more and more papers, which might have led Nader to lose hope in the legal procedure, according to our source.

But all this doesn’t explain how and why the police showed up in that manner. We are still waiting for Nader to clarify things for us since he is released. We are waiting a bit before we try to contact him regarding that.

Does the Egyptian police actually detain people for several days due to permit issues? Or is it a revenge action from the Musicians Syndicate? Could this be a Metal Music-related issue?

With all those questions in mind, once we get a clearer picture, we will be the first to provide it.

Also, Islam told us that Sepultura asked for an extra backline not to be used by the other bands, which has doubled the cost. Also according to the musicians, it was Sepultura who insisted to play at 9 PM as the first band. It wasn’t Nader’s decision. It wasn’t related to the weather.


After the police cars arrived, Islam and his band decided to leave, “I sensed trouble, so we left”. Meanwhile, Sepultura were trying to set up a show at a local bar as a Plan B (as reported by some that the band performed somewhere in Cairo), but this also didn’t work as well since it was also banned by the police.


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