To a certain point, we guessed right.

Our guess was right, the Album is being released soon, as in September 18 soon.
And I must say, 7 months is pretty fast for an album to be finalized these days.

The Black Dahlia Murder revealed the new album art work followed by a  single titled “Vlad, Son of the Dragon”.

Trevor Strnad, the band’s vocalist, commented on the album by saying:

The new album, Abysmal, is true to THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER formula, but further down the evolutionary path we began with our Ritual release. It has bigger, more dynamic and developed songs. People can expect a more raw and natural sounding TBDM record. It’s the most real and live sounding thing we’ve done since our debut. It has a real energy and urgency to it. We made a conscious effort of having a more lively and dynamic sound and I feel the result is truly excellent. What I hear is my band playing as they do live when I step off the stage at soundcheck. Therefore, this is the real TBDM incarnate.

Check out the artwork, which is a very definition of brutal, ruthless, and raw. I mean, you have impaled bodies, gore, blood, some huge evil bad ass entity, dragons… It just splatters evil (and bodies) all over the place, what more can one ask for??


Pretty wicked I must say, and before I spoil it, check out the single “Vlad, Son of the Dragon” below:

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