Testament fans have been waiting  a long time for this moment. To be precise, it’s been 4 years since “Dark Roots Of The Earth” was released back in 2012. They finally set a date to unleash their new record titled “The Brotherhood Of The Snake” on October 28.

This album will be mixed by Andy Sneap who worked with countless well-known metal bands .

Eric Peterson got interviewed by Metal Maniacs at Hellfest 2016 and talked about the new record.

“It’s finished — recorded — done — and it’s now on its way to Andy Sneap to get mixed,” Peterson says. “It came out really, really good. I’m really happy with it. It’s very diverse, but it’s very epic. There’s nothing on there that breeds commercial.”

Peterson also talked about TESTAMENT‘s decision to promote “The Brotherhood Of The Snake” with an eight-week European tour this fall as the support act for AMON AMARTH.

Peterson described the album’s title track, which sounds like it’ll be a killer.

“It’s basically about a lot of the early secret societies that started taking over power, trying to control the society and spawned off into Illuminatis and stuff like that,” the guitarist describes. “A lot of human control and religions and the similarities between religions and alien beings …”

Personally, I am super excited about the new album and will definitely mark my calendar for this date.

Lilas Mayassi

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