TesseracT are nailing it time and time again… can you “Survive” all this great music?

Survive” is the second single from Polaris.


TesseracT are the British Djent Fathers, despite being a fairly new band. The band officially formed in 2007, but released their first record, One (vocalist Daniel Tompkins), in 2011 to much critical acclaim. They followed up their major success with One by releasing their sophomore album, Altered State, in 2013 with vocalist Ashe O’Hara.


Altered State was received in better by the music community, with some citing it as “one of the greatest albums of all time, period.” , also being called “one of the most complete examples of the genre to date”. TesseracT have been kind enough to post the entire album on YouTube, so don’t miss out on this chance to hear amazing music.


Impressed right? Well it keeps getting better. Not only are they taking a leap in their musical identity with Polaris (like they did between One and Altered State with the removal of harsh vocals), but they have also added more depth to their lyrics and attempt to tackle modern day social problems. You can watch the first single from Polaris below, titled Messenger, and maybe even watch this to know the concept behind it.


Track Listing:
  1.  Dystopia
  2.  Hexes
  3.  Survival
  4.  Tourniquet
  5.  Utopia
  6.  Phoenix
  7. Messenger
  8.  Cages
  9.  Seven Names

Polaris is also the scientific name of the North Star, used historically for navigation.

Polaris comes out September 18, 2015 via KScope and I personally can’t wait.


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