Do you even djent?

British djent-fathers  TesseracT have released a new single, Messenger,  ahead of the release of their much-awaited third album, Polaris.

Djent is a sub-genre of Progressive music, characterized by guitars with over 6 strings, and a palmed, muted sound on the guitars.  TesseracT have previously released two albums, both critically acclaimed, One (2011) and Altered State (2013).  Altered State features the magnificent Ashe O’Hara on vocals, and marks a departure of the harsh vocals of One, instead opting for a melodic feel. TesseracT have been kind enough to post Altered State in its entirety on YouTube. Check it out below.


 Polaris will feature clean vocals despite the return of their original vocalist.

Messenger is the first song to be released from the upcoming album, and you can check it out below complete with lyrics.


Polaris will be released worldwide on September 18, 2015.


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