Symphony X have been teasing fans for some time with few details concerning the new album that will follow their 2011 release “Iconoclast”.

Few days ago, the band revealed through their website that the album is done through the mixing and mastering phase.

The band posted the following statement through their official website:

10 April 2015 – Symphony X is happy to report that the mixing and mastering of our new cd is complete! The process was handled by Jens Bogren, who also did our last two cds, and who did an amazing job as always[….] We will be wrapping up the booklet layout and finalizing things over the next couple of weeks. The band is really excited about this one, and we anxiously look forward to getting it out there to everyone.

However, the band has not yet revealed a probable date for release of the album, or any single… They have not even revealed the name, track listing, or album art work. All we know about the artwork is that it will be done by Warren Flanagan, designer of the two previous albums’ artwork.

Moreover, the band announced that the fan club will be back in action due May 1st 2015, with a special fan club CD and merchandise.