Evil Has No Boundaries… Nor Do Slayer

 We’ve been waiting impatiently for the day that Slayer would release Repentless. We’re all going to experience some mixed emotions concerning this release, especially since this will be the first Slayer album featuring Exodus guitarist Gary Holt who replaced the late Jeff Hanneman after his passing in 2013. 

 Recently, the Thrash Metal giants released their video clip of Repentless and they weren’t joking when they said it’s raining blood. *Takes deep breath* Like I mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of mixed emotions concerning this comeback; but it is nonetheless powerful. Tom Araya’s vocals will not sound like they did in Seasons in the Abyss or Hell Awaits and the guitars will not sound as dirty as Show No Mercy. But what should we expect from Slayer.

 After reading the lyrics and watching the video clip, you realize at some point that something doesn’t quite fit in the picture, yet it does. The visual does not explain exactly the content of the song itself with all the vulgar display of blood splattering action and adrenaline but maybe that’s not intended. Our one-eyed convict releases his inner beast throughout the prison halls with an act of man slaughter, and by releasing the rest of his cellmates, only one message should be understood: Slayer are making sure that all Hell breaks loose!

This will never sound like War Ensemble, South of Heaven, or At Dawn They Sleep, and it should never sound like them, but demanding more aggressiveness is our right and achieving that is a must. This is also the first time we feel that Slayer are making a statement to the world that says: We’re still here, don’t forget that! Where in previous albums all the songs and their lyrical content concentrate on specific themes such as demonic visions of the afterlife and horror in real life. Now this critic only revolves around one song and not the album itself; but maybe as musicians, releasing all that is inside is part of the inevitable.

 Maybe you won’t listen to the song more than once and maybe you will. I know that I won’t listen to it in the morning as I prepare my beer and cereal breakfast… But I sure as Hell would watch the video every night before I sleep and say my prayers. It brings joy to my heart to see our one-eyed convict going back to his cell at the end of the visual footage for it means one thing: You can NOT tame the beast that is Slayer!

 May your reign in blood last forever.

-Charbel A. Haddad

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