Everything seemed to be going great with the concert of SEPULTURA LIVE IN EGYPT. The hype has been built up among thirsty Metalheads who have been waiting a long time for a band with a Legendary name to visit the land of the Pyramids. Moreover, Nader Sadek, the Egyptian musician and organizer, has done everything to make sure this event gets the best results and is up to the highest standards. Buses were distributed in cities to pick up fans to the concert for free, and the venue was announced to be on the mighty Nile river. A dream coming true for any thrash/death metal fan, right?  But not until yesterday.

Mr. Sadek announced that the location of the event (the Nile Country Club) was changed to a villa in a compound in “Giza” City, and this was the third location change.  We didn’t see too much disappointment from event goers, and the main question was, most of the time, “how to reach the new location”, as no one even cared about the change, they just want to see their favorite band. For sure, there were some exceptions and some complaints occurred, but still, all was good and calm.

Today, everything was going back to normal and we were really excited about the historical show. We even shared a stage photo sent by our reporter Mahmoud Amr. Amr mentioned that the weather is becoming bad, and things started to get weirder and downhill ever since.

The cops  arrived and it started to rain, and we started to have a really bad feeling about all this. Even the organizer posted about the rain issue on the event page with a slight program change where Sepultura will have to play first >here< and the other bands will follow maybe to give Sepultura a better weather before things get worse. But until that moment, Sepultura haven’t arrived to the venue, waiting for the weather to calm down.

The police seems to have claimed that the concert doesn’t have the right permits, and an hour later, everything started to be dismantled, and until now, we are waiting to hear what actually happened.’

Was the event canceled because of the rain? Because no permits were issued in the first place? Or because of the sudden venue change and the permits were no longer valid?

UPDATE: 5-6-2016 – 5pm

According to Ahram Online, General Ahmed Hegazy, head of the Giza Security Directorate, told their website that police forces went to the event location and ordered the event goers to leave and forced the organizer to stop the concert because the permissions for the show were not provided.

Even though Nader had acquired the necessary permission from the Musicians Syndicate, according to the Nile Country Club representative, the touristic nature of the venue requires other permissions that Nader hasn’t issued, Ahram Online also reported.

It was also reported to us that Nader Sadek, the sound engineer (owner of the villa where the concert was supposed to happen), and the light engineer were all three detained by the National Security to undergo investigation. We tried to contact Nader, but to no avail. Just a while ago, it was rumored that Nader has been released, but still this information is not yet confirmed.

Here at Metal Bell headquarters, we are still waiting for a clarification from Nader as soon as the commotion ends, and we will update you as soon as we have further information. Stay tuned.


Check Out Original Event Details here: Nader Sadek Brings Sepultura!

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  1. muhamed saad

    Dear fellows please be informed that the event was shut down as per national defence council مجلس الدفاع الوطنى know as national security امن دوله due to missing official permits from them for the event .

    The national security arrested nader and he is now suspended in 6th of october police station .. But till now no one knows the charges that led to that .. The police asked every one to leave and no one was taken .. All the invistagation happened in the venue was around the official permitts

    • muhamed saad

      Forgot to mention that they also took the vila owner

  2. wissam baltaji

    i am sure it isn’t about the weather bro , sepultura used to play in Europe where the weather cant be accurately predictable !!!

    • MetalBellMagazine

      It was just a proposition among many others. Actually when I wrote it I had in mind that maybe the equipment were not rain friendly or something. So we wanted to mention all possibilities even the ridiculous ones.

      The article is being updated

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