Is KAMELOT’s Former Singer ROY KHAN Preparing His Comeback?

Maybe one of the most mysterious stories in the modern Metal history is Roy Khan’s early retirement from the world of spotlight. Many theories about why he left Kamelot and where he is at these days. We did a full investigatory article about the subject you can read all the details. >here<.

UPDATE 2018: ROY KHAN Releases First Solo Song in April 2018

Roy Khan Is Back

Roy Khan Is Back With His Old Band CONCEPTION | New EP Soon

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Roy Khan 2018

Roy Khan Releases First Song After Leaving Kamelot

UPDATE APRIL 20, 2018 Seven years after leaving Power Metal giants Kamelot, Roy Khan releases his first song as a ...
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Few days ago our friend Mario, admin of Roy Khan Come Back with Solo Project Facebook page, posted the following status about Roy Khan’s comeback:

I recently e-mailed Roy Khan and I’ve received a reply. Now, I’d like to share some good news with you, he told me: “Hi Mario, I am totally fine…thanx for asking 🙂, I have no idea if I will ever be a performing artist again, but I assume that I will do something at some point…that’s all I can say. I have no concrete plans as of today however.”

Roy Khan Comeback

What is Believed To Be Roy’s Most Recent Photo (2015).

On April 21, 2011, Khan announced his departure from KAMELOT on his blog, with the band making the formal announcement the day after. In the announcement, Youngblood wrote that Khan had been given a lot of time to make the decision and the band respected it.

It wasn’t until June 22, 2012, that Kamelot announced that Tommy Karevik had joined as lead singer, replacing Roy Khan, after he previously guested with the band on their last tour as a backing vocalist with some solo performances on the songs EdenEcho and Center of the Universe.

Update: Here another alleged most recent photo September 2016 >here<.

You can also read previous news about the ROY KHAN.  >here<.

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Roy Khan Comeback to music?


  1. Gabriel

    Não to acreditando nisso :v tomara que ele volte!

  2. Anders

    This is not true, I also talked to Roy Sætre.. and he assured me he would not comeback, unlss it as With a gosel-choir

  3. Mark

    I am so happy for Roy Khan. I understand how debilitating anxiety can be and I too found solace in my faith in God. He looks marvelous in the photo above and truly happy. God bless you Roy, may the peace you know be the peace you keep.

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