First off, the video starts with a message that implies Nile is not taking sides with anyone, nor defending or attacking anyone.

So Nile released their first single from the upcoming album “What Should Not Be Unearthed“, titled “Call For Destruction” and I must say this is brutally fast and insanely crushing.

The video of the song features footage of destruction of ancient historical artifacts by Muslim warriors, backed by phrases as “secondary to the will of Allah”, insane shredding, and machine gun like drum banging.

Karl Sanders comments on the track:

The violence contained in every aspect of ‘Call To Destruction’ is echoed through many varieties and creative permutations of heaviness and brutality throughout the entire ‘What Should Not Be Unearthed’ disc.

The inspiration for the song itself comes from news reports in 2012 — when radical clerics were calling for the destruction of Egypt’s pyramids. Most of the lyrics to ‘Call To Destruction’ are actual direct quotes from the words of Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud — whose eloquence and quote-ability are clearly second to none.

While this lyric video is filled with many images of violence and destruction of historical artifacts culled from common everyday newsreel imagery, its message is to communicate the insanity and futility of war as a tragic result of the clash of ideologies. This video’s sole purpose is to bring attention to the wanton destruction of artifacts in the Middle East.

None of the members of NILE in any way endorse any political or religious agenda with this video. NILE, as students of Egyptian history, are concerned about the preservation of the cultures of all peoples of our greater global community.

Check out the track below.

That being heard, we are not very sure if Nile made a new ISIS/pro-Muslim extremist anthem or shedding light on the Danger imposed on the artifacts of ancient human civilization.

Whatever Nile were thinking when they made this track, they played it safe, pleasing all the hungry fans for brutal technical death metal and giving extremists a track to fight to while keeping the track halal and non Satanic.