Ancient Egypt-centered Death Metallers Nile announced their 8th full-length album.

The album, titled “What Should Not Be Unearthed”, is to be released on August 28 via Nuclear Blast Records, and according to Karl Sanders, the album is supposed to be a “truly crushing disc to bring to Metal Fans. The focus this time around is on Brutally Heavy Metal Riffing and songwriting; kind of like of an AOTW (Annihilation of The Wicked) approach but very streamlined to achieve maximum destructive impact”. Karl adds “Unearthed is aimed straight at Utter Metal Heaviness and memorable songwriting. Although Unearthed is still full of the kind of Undeniable Musicianship people have come to expect from Nile over the years, it’s the songs themselves that will hit listeners over the head this time around.”

NOW THAT’S WHAT NILE IS ALL ABOUT, brutal technical death metal!!

Moreover, the album artwork done by Michal “Xaay” Loranc has been announced.


Xaay, who has done the artwork for a previous Nile album, “Those Whom the Gods Detest”, comments on the new artwork saying:  “[…]The pyramid-shaped seal in the center doesn’t contain a recipe for some Camel Stew or a Pharaoh’s dining menu. An experienced eye will notice hieroglyphs taken from the “Book of the Dead”, or the Seven Islands of Amentet glyph – depicting the ancient Underworld, and describing the elder reign of God-kings, which had ended circa. 9850 B.C. But the main thing we should not miss here is a winged scarab sign in the exact center. We all know this most common Egyptian artifact giving protection… so the message is pretty clear[…]”

Nile will be touring in support of the new album with Suffocation.

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