Few days after the birthday of one of the most iconic voices in metal, a video that mentions unreleased Dio Material surfaced on the internet.

The interview done by The Metal Voice features ex-Dio Guitarist Rowan Robertson who contributed to writing the 1990 album “Lock Up The Wolves”, and left the band shortly afterwards as Ronnie rejoined Black Sabbath.

In the interview, Rowan discusses how he ended up as a guitarist in  Dio’s Band at the age of 17, writing the album, touring, all the way to when Dio rejoins Black Sabbath and the reason Rowan didn’t get back into Dio’s band.

In the interview, Rowan mentions that there are two tracks that never made it on to the album. Those two tracks are, as Rowan says, of low quality.

In addition, there are two live recordings from the Lock Up The Wolves era which Rowan possesses, decent enough to be released as a Live album.

Check out the interview below:

But the real question here is whether a name like Dio will be milked to the very last drop in desperate attempts to make a few more “greens”, just as what record labels have done to numerous musicians who have passed away by releasing B-sides, compilations, and tribute records.

Do you think such a risk should be taken with the release of those recordings?