Dream Theater release the second single, “Moment of Betrayal”, from their upcoming thirteenth studio album, “The Astonishing”.

The Astonishing is going to be a multi-character based double LP concept album, consisting of two acts. The album tells the story of a dystopian world set 300 years in the future where robots take over human tasks and everything is mechanized, even music is produced by “Noise Machines”. In the album, humanity has formed two camps: “The Great Northern Empire” headed by an oppressive Emperor, Nafaryus, and “The Ravenskill Rebel Militia” led by Arhyas.

The album tells the story of rebels who rise against the tyrannical emperor, and of course, music plays an important role in this revolution, as they are helped by the talented musician Gabriel.

Speaking of music, you can check out the single above, it is about Gabriel communicating to his brother Arhys that he has a plan that he thinks can save them, “but there’s a betrayal theme that’s going on in the story that comes to a head,” as Petrucci puts it:

In recent interviews, Guitarist and co-founder John Petrucci reports that the Bulk of the album is written by him and Keyboardist Jordan Rudess with the help of composer David Campbell who assisted with the orchestration of choirs and string lines.

Petrucci continues describing the creative process that gave birth to the album, saying that it has a lot of his science fiction love put into it (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Les [Miserables], Jesus Christ Superstar, Disney movies) especially in the terms of storytelling.

The song itself is solid, personally I am not a huge Dream Theater fan, but I enjoy some of their music. I thoroughly enjoyed this song and just like any good single, it made me excited to hear the album. The drumming is solid, the vocals actually sound good, and the guitars are, well, John Petrucci is on guitars.

Waiting for the album!

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