In order to celebrate the holidays, METALLICA decided to give their fans a very special gift by releasing a short video with new material from a Metallica new song.

The video was shot at the studio in San Rafael, California and shows Metallica’s frontman James Hetfield wishing everyone happy holidays while holding his famous cat “Tabs” in his arms. As a gift, James played back on the computer a snippet of what will be a new Metallica song! As soon as the song started, Hetfield couldn’t help himself, and said his famous “Oh yeah!”.

“The snippet features a trashy riff along with Hetfield’s signature vocals.” LW

Metallica New Song

The video is only available for the  Met Club members, but don’t worry, you can easily register by clicking on the sign up button and the  membership is now for free! To view the clip, click here.

METALLICA‘s guitarist Kirk Hammett  in interviews with and Ultimate Classic Rock has confirmed the rumors of the new album in the making as a follow-up to 2008’s “Death Magnetic” album. “At this point, we’re still just doing basic backing tracks. James is doing his guitar stuff, and I am just kind of waiting patiently to go in there and do all of my guitar stuff.” And about the style and direction of the album, he says: “It’s heavy. We’ve got some heavy stuff going. It delivers on that front, for sure. You know, I would say a lot of it is along the lines of ‘Death Magnetic’. A lot of it seems to be going along those lines. But, you know, with social media now and everything else, I’m a little bit wary to comment too much on the album. We’re still working on it.”

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Source: Loudwire, Blabbermouth.

Metallica New Song Snippet As A Holiday Gift To Fans