In an update on their official Facebook page, LUCA TURILLI’S RHAPSODY have unveiled the opera choir who will be singing on their upcoming new record “PROMETHEUS – SYMPHONIA IGNIS DIVINUS”, which will feature 10 titles according to the band’s first post – part of the album’s diaries – on September 1st.


We will start this first article of the new Facebook series THE PROMETHEUS DIARIES updating all the LT’S RHAPSODY supporters about what is happening with the production of their new long awaited album.

Here we go:

In July LUCA TURILLI finally ended the composition process for the new album and found himself with more than 20 new songs ready to go. In August the definitive choice of songs was done and now RHAPSODY are finally able to announce that the regular edition of the album will include 10 TITLES and OVER ONE HOUR OF MUSIC!

On top we can tell you that PATRICE GUERS already recorded his BASS parts and also the RHYTHMIC GUITARS of the whole album were already recorded by DOMINIQUE LEURQUIN and this time also by LUCA TURILLI (as you know by reading the credits of the last Rhapsody albums, it is since the release of SYMPHONY II – THE DARK SECRET that Luca was not personally recording the rhythmic guitar parts he created for the band – excluding the main riffs of course -. An interesting “GUESS WHAT!!??” article will soon follow to explain why this happened). In 3 weeks LUCA and ALESSANDRO CONTI will be in Germany, once again at the BACKYARD STUDIOS of our engineer SEBASTIAN ROEDER, to end the last album recordings (last vocals, epic choirs, opera choirs + guests).

LUCA TURILLI is actually barricaded in his private home studio in Italy to end the second phase of the orchestral arrangements necessary for those recordings to happen. In particular he is focusing on the choral parts he created for the album. “Choirs are so important for our cinematic music and I really love to create and arrange them for our singers”, says Luca. And continues: “For the chorus of the song MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL Part I we mixed over 100 tracks of choirs and I guess it is almost a record in this genre of music. This time, for a song of the new album, we will establish a new record. Maybe we should really add a sticker, writing on it: Maximum level of epicness. Not for the faint-hearted! :-)”

Please note: as we already wrote in a previous Facebook article, the official release date of the new album was already agreed and confirmed by NUCLEAR BLAST more than two months ago and we believe it will be announced in a relatively short time. What we can add now is that also 2 SINGLES are planned to be released as appetizer for the new album and also their release dates will be announced soon by the record company. Stay tuned for more info and also for exclusive videos coming soon from the studio!


Here are the 2 singers who will form – so far – the opera choir on the record.


Hi to all, 
now only a couple of weeks are left for us to enter in the BACKYARD STUDIOS of Kempten and proceed to the last album recordings with our faithful engineer and great friend SEBASTIAN ROEDER.

The highlight of this new studio session will be the OPERA CHOIR recordings. The RHAPSODY composer LUCA TURILLI is actually completing all the choral arrangements and soon all those notes, from his CUBASE software, will turn into real and epic vocal melodies. Therefore we want to present you the two main amazing voices who will be with us for one long and hard week of tough recordings (the RHAPSODY choral parts are considered by all singers as really difficult due to the many changes of tonalities and for all the “crazy lines” composed by Luca himself) and that will lead such opera choir session, raising the cinematic level of our new album PROMETHEUS, SYMPHONIA IGNIS DIVINUS, to new artistic heights!

Here they are, our long time friends and surely two of the best voices around:

We don’t need to spend further words about their singing quality as you all know well both of them. They already performed on many RHAPSODY albums, we are collaborating together since more than 10 years and they are guarantee of top quality indeed. They also sang on our previous hit album ASCENDING TO INFINITY (and who could forget the memorable performance of BRIDGET FOGLE on the song TORMENTO E PASSIONE, a favorite between our fans?).

We really love them, they are an important part of the RHAPSODY family and we are proud to have them on our boat. Ready to sail!”

This will mark the band’s sophomore album after “ASCENDING TO INFINITY” in 2012.