At times like these, all I can wonder is whether Ghost will release their entire upcoming album “Meliora” as singles.

Ghost released “Majesty” as the Fourth Single from their upcoming album, and we must say, this is pretty different from the previously released singles.

First, it starts like an 80’s rock song (more like Deep Purple), then kicks in to a  Djent-ish (?) sounding guitar riff, full of bottom and as fat as it gets which builds a very solid backing tune for the song, and creating a perfect back-up for the solos. The riff breaks swiftly during the chorus as the song, which has higher melodies, and some very strange sounds backing Papa’s voice. This song sounds like a happy song, but the lyrics are otherwise, they are about giving in to an evil entity and so on, anyway, check it out below and let us know what 80’s song does it remind you of, or let us know anything 🙂