Turkish symphonic death metal band Khepra announces the release date of its debut album “Cosmology Divine” through a German record label.

Khepra was formed in 2009 under the name Gurz by Dou Kalender and Kenan Turandar. Since its formation, the band has released one EP in 2012 titled “Sons of Earth and Sky”, and later went on to perform in several European countries.

Throughout the years, the band’s sound has evolved to become more aggressive and include Eastern/Anatolian influences. This sound has attracted the German label Naturmacht/Rain Without End Records to which Khepra got recently signed to.

“I am honored to welcome yet another excellent band to the growing Rain Without End family: It is Khepra from Turkey!

Khepra‘s music and lyrics are all about ancient times, occultism and modern science. All of it mirrors in the art they create: Modern melodic death metal spiced up with progressive parts and black metal, carried by excellent ethnic elements from the ancient eastern temples and rituals. An excellent and fresh mix, which is also supported by a very professional production.”

Naturmacht/Rain Without End Records

Khepra’s debut album will be out on September 10, 2016 as high quality Digipak via Naturmacht/Rain Without End Records.

Khepra's Cosmology Devine Album Cover

Khepra’s Cosmology Divine Album Cover

Moreover, Khepra announced a new single dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft, titled “Obsession of the Mad”. The single will be released on July 10 and will be available for FREE download through the band’s Bandcamp page and for streaming via Spotify and iTunes.

Khepr'as Obsession With the Mad Cover Art

Khepra’s Obsession of the Mad Cover Art

The single will include thee tracks:

  • Obsession of the Mad (Album Track)
  • Obsession of the Mad (Orchestral Version)
  • Obsession of the Mad (Official Video)

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