Norwegian extreme metal musician Ihsahn sways into the unexpected with the third single from his sixth upcoming studio album titled “Arktis”.

From the second I hit play, I was shocked. I had to recheck the track that I played. I don’t think anyone would expect jazziness and chill from an extreme metal pioneer such as Ihsahn. However, that’s what he gave us.

The saxophone heard on this track is played by Shining front man Jørgen Munkeby, and while it pushes the song into the jazz domain, the track remains hauntingly beautiful and dark. The track explodes once or twice back into “Ihsahn’s roots” for a brief duration only to be pushed back to the jazz corner.

Arktis will be available worldwide as of the 8th of April via Candlelight Records.

Let us know your thoughts of Ihsahn’s approach on this track in the comments section.

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