Seems like the album is coming together, seems like it’s getting closer.

Ihsahn recently uploaded the following through the official Facebook Page:

So we should expect the new album in around 2-4 months or so.

This is the first news about the new album since the announcement that he will not be recording this album with the members of Leprous, with whom he has collaborated on live performances, posted in 2014:

 […] since January I’ve also been writing material for the next Ihsahn album, partly interrupted by rehearsals, shows and a total rebuild of our studio […] On the live front, several shows are already announced for 2015, and I’m excited to tell you that I’ll be back on stage with a new, handpicked line-up that I am confident will take my songs to a new dimension […]”

New dimension? Seems Ihsahn is pushing his solo career towards very different genres from what Emperor fans desire (and want); this was very evident in his previous 2013 release, “Das Seelenbrechen.

What do you think Ihsahn is preparing for us this time?