Female Fronted Heavy Metal Band Huntress released an animated video from their upcoming album Static titled Flesh.

The song is about stalking and preying on people for the sake of harvesting their skin and flesh for pleasure. As for the video, it’s a female hunting its prey, stalking in sadistic ways, and losing it for the pleasure of flesh and blood. Check it out below:

The album, which is to be released via Napalm Records on September 25, titled Static, is the band’s 3rd full-length studio album, which according to vocalist Jill Janus, is supposed to be the heaviest and catchiest record they have done.

The album’s artwork is done by Vance Kelly, the same person who did the video you watched above.


As for the track listing, it goes as follows:

  1. “Sorrow”
  2. “Flesh”
  3. “Brian”
  4. “I Want to Wanna Wake Up”
  5. “Mania”
  6. “Four Blood Moons”
  7. “Static”
  8. “Harsh Times on Planet Stoked”
  9. “Noble Savage”
  10. “Fire in My Heart”
  11. Bonus track: “Black Tongue”
  12. Bonus track: “Vultures Can Wait” (7” vinyl exclusive)