Ghosts have had a lot of things going over the past few weeks.

The second single from the third studio album Meliora titled “From the Pinnacle to The Pit” tells the story of the fall of Lucifer from heaven into hell, in details, being backed by a heavy Tune, and a chorus that will play in your mind over and over again. Check it out below:

Shortly after, and finally, the band uploaded a video that reveals the new “Cult” leader, Papa Emeritus III, and we must say, this Papa looks as young as he sounds on the singles released.

And thirdly, the band released Circe as a single  featuring an unreleased track “Absolution” that you will only find on this CD and includes a $2 off coupon for the later purchase of MELIORA, click here if you want it, and click here to stream or purchase the single Absolution, which kicks ass, just like the the previous tracks on this album.