The Scene in the UAE has been rising for years with very talented musicians exceeding our expectations, and reaching international standards, with Anuryzm opening for Epica and many other bands producing honorable albums. Hadi Sarieddine is no exception.

Our own Lebanese-born guitarist and producer, Hadi Sarieddine (based in UAE), who made us proud with his talents with Benevolent, has also done a prodigious cover for “In Flames”. With “Eyes Wide Open“, one can’t even distinguish Hadi’s cover from the original; executing the hard technicalities of the song, and adding his own touch.

When commenting about the release, Hadi stated:

Doing those ambient covers has allowed me to discover and push myself not only vocally but also from a production standpoint in addition to learning a whole lot about songwriting.

With such talent in our scene covering such high level music, one can’t but wait for their originals to astonish us, and for them to share the stage with international acts in the future.

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