Evanescence Confirmed for Ozzfest Japan

The Japanese Ozzfest seems to be bringing surprises day after day.

First, Black Sabbath’s alleged “farewell show” gets cancelled, then this.

So, Evanescence will be back in late 2015 after a hiatus since 2012, playing along Ozzy Osbourne, Korn, and many more. So far, this is the only scheduled show for Evanescence.

This was a bit of a surprise for the fans, especially that front woman Amy Lee said in an interview in 2014 that there are no plans for the band to be recording or touring. However, few months later, Amy tweeted the following: “EVANESCENCE is a part of me — it just isn’t a complete picture of everything I’m capable of”, after the release of a solo project titled “Amy Lee with Dave Eggar: Aftermath”.

Will Evanescence be working on a new album until then? What do you think?

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  1. Danila

    Writer of this blog…I don’t understand eltxacy what’s going on – you tickled my funny bone so bad I had to review my day to make sure I wasn’t drunk. I am literally laughing out loud at my computer because of your posts! Laughing out loud. By myself. Home alone. Laughing at a computer. Over Twilight jokes. I swear to god you’re REALLY REALLY GOOD! :-DAnd really observant on a lot of subjects, too. A lot of people say that the Twilight Saga is influenced by Stephanie Meyers’ mormonism because of the abstinance… but I found the obsession with child bearing, and the whole metaphor of marriage and how miserable it really is (and how damaging sex is)… very disturbing. Stephanie obviously had a subliminal message there, whether she did that consciously or subconsciously.

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