The elusive black metal cult known as Cult Of Fire will play Brutal Assault fest once again this year!

Brutal Assault remains the one and only open air fest they ever agreed to play, and to make this a very special occasion, CULT OF FIRE will play on a separate ‘oriental’ stage. This gig will also be the ONE AND ONLY where the song ‘Vltava’ from their latest single will be performed live and the concert will be accompanied by a fire show.

The other special guest to the festival that will play the ‘oriental’ stage is PHURPA. Prepare for a shamanic music ritual of Bön tradition as performed by this group of Russian musicians, re-animating ancient Tibetian traditions. To further accompany the oriental stage, the octagon gallery will host an exhibition of David Glomba, the artist behind CULT OF FIRE imagery. You can listen to Vltava here: and get a glimpse of PHURPA here:

Brutal Assault Cult Of Fire