The Palestinian artist Fadi Al-Shami has just released a cover of I Stand Alone, a 2003 Godsmack song from the album Faceless.

Fadi Al-Shami

A Palestinian musician residing in Dubai, Fadi Al-Shami is the guitarist and founder of the Doom Death metal band Aramaic as well as being the vocalist and rhythm guitarist of Chalice of Doom, also a Doom Death metal band. He is a past member of Svengali.

More recently, Portuguese Gothic Metal band Heavenwood recently announced the inclusion of Fadi as a guest vocalist on their much awaited fifth album, The Tarot of the Bohemians.

As can be expected from such an artist, the cover kicks ass.

The cover was recorded at Haven Studio Dubai.

Stay tuned to Metal Bell Magazine to hear more news about Fadi and the rising UAE scene.


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