Cliff Williams has announced his intention to retire from AC/DC.

In a recent interview with, bassist Cliff Williams has hinted at his plan to quit the music industry after the end of the “Rock or Bust” tour, ending a career that spanned over 40 years with one of the most iconic bands in the Rock n’ Roll history.
Cliff joined AC/DC in 1977 and recorded his first album with the band, “Powerage”, and then became a fundamental staple in the band’s rhythm section. “It’s been what I’ve known for the past 40 years, but after this tour I’m backing off of touring and recording,” Williams said. “Losing Malcolm, the thing with Phil and now with Brian, it’s a changed animal. I feel in my gut it’s the right thing”.
Cliff isn’t the first member to retire from AC/DC; previously, Malcolm Young, Phil Rudd, and Brian Johnson were forced to quit the band due to health and other issues. Cliff’s retirement throws the band’s future into the unknown especially that the “Rock or Bust” tour ends in September, and the only remaining founding member, Angus Young, has not yet declared any plan or intention to give AC/DC a couple of extra years on the road.

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