13403971_1029570537111296_228259504161608409_oLebanese metal veterans Blaakyum announced the release of their long-awaited second album “Line Of Fear“, which is the follow-up to 2012’s “Lord Of The Night“.  The release will debut on all online platforms on June 25th, 2016. Retail copies will be available in Lebanon soon.


By the way, this cover art looks sick! Stay tuned for more news from Blaakyum.

Do not miss to check out their recent single (Bonus track in the aforementioned album) “Riothere.

Track list:

1. Crossing
2. The Line Of Fear
3. Wicked Revelation
4. Destined To Rise
5. Baal Adon
6. Religion Of Peace
7. Freedom Denied
8. I Am Who I Am
9. Riot Against Riot (Bonus Track – CD version)


Lilas Mayassi

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