Getting the chance to have a brew with your most loved band after a gig is a fantasy for some fans, however how far would you go to have that come true?A guy in Australia managed to sneak himself backstage by changing duo Peking Duk‘s Wikipedia page to claim he was a relative. He identified with security watchmen, demonstrated to them the page on his telephone – and they let him through. David Spargo then had a beer with the band after the show in Melbourne, Australia. Rather than being irate, the band called him “the meaning of a legend”. The photo in the tweet incorporates a screenshot from their Wikipedia page which indicates how Spargo included his name and the word “family” to it.

“One of the promoters got a call from security telling her that our step-brother was coming backstage,” said Adam Hyde, a member from the band.
“We were confused and intrigued as we saw a young lad walking up to the green room. He then explained to us his amazing tactic to get past security to hang with us and we immediately cracked him a beer. This dude is the definition of a legend.”

The band was awed with his wit and cunning.

Moreover, the members added: “It’s crazy. He just did it on the spot, in a second, on his phone. He told the security guard he was our step-brother or something, and showed them the Wikipedia page and his ID.”

last night someone edited our Wikipedia page to say he was our family. showed security at our show, got into the green room and had a beer with the boys.. Spargo you legend

Posted by Peking Duk on Wednesday, 2 December 2015

When he snuck through, he didn’t stow away out of sight, he strolled straight up to them and got visiting.

“He had good vibes. He wasn’t creepy at all and was actually more relaxed and cool than we would have expected from someone who went to such lengths to get to our green room.

I’ve never heard of such skills, we tip our hats to the dude.”

Soon after, another person included “legend” to the page, despite the fact that the error has been fixed.

-Layal Gemaa

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