Adam Sagan, drummer of White Empress and formerly Circle II Circle, who joined White Empress earlier this year as a session drummer, has been diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a white blood cancer.

Former bandmates from Circle II Circle posted the following with a link to help raise money through a GoFundMe Campaign.

Adam Sagan posted the following statement through his fundraising campaign page:

Hello! My name is Adam Sagan. Many of you will know me from my professional drumming work with bands such as Circle II Circle, White Empress, Into Eternity, and Witherfall. I’ve been fortunate enough to tour a large part of the world, bringing powerful and meaningful music to hundreds of thousands of faces across the planet.
Outside of that, I am a son, an uncle, a brother, a teacher, and a mentor. I work full time and own a couple of start-up businesses. I recently bought a house in Minneapolis, MN. My passions are teaching, travelling, reading, the great outdoors, helping others, and studying languages. I’ve always been a giver and never done very well with receiving, or asking for help when I need it, but sometimes life humbles us and changes all that.
I am now fighting the greatest battle of my life; T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. I am asking for any and all financial support I can receive to fight for my life. In addition to fast-mounting medical bills and a mortgage, even basic necessities such as groceries and utilities are going to become an extraordinary challenge, especially as this part of the country braces to be buried in feet and feet of snow for the next several months. Every single penny raised will be used with the utmost caution and care to make sure that I not only have a chance to fight and beat this scourge, but so that I may in turn reciprocate and help others, which is what I do best. In my world, gratitude is everything, and it will be shared in spades.
Thank you all for taking the time to read and for your kind consideration.

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