We interview Jack Khamo, Within Destruction‘s drummer, and one of the founders of Rock InSight.

Hello guys, this is not the first time we meet, as we have worked with some of you before and we featured Nareg in one of our events. So instead of saying nice to meet you, I will stick to hello again.


1- Let’s start with a general question to introduce you to our readers. Who are Rock InSight and how did it come to be?

Rock InSight Organization consists of Ziad Mehieddine, Nareg Vassilian, Joe Kallas, and myself. The idea came when Joe contacted me and told me that he is up for a new event. Of course I was in, and we started contacting bands, but then we thought that this is the third event we organize, why don’t we make it under a name of an organization. Nareg was also helping in organizing, so we offered the idea and he liked it! This is when we contacted Ziad Mehieddine to be part of our project and contacted Bashar Aoun to be our stage manager for the next event.

2- What is Rock InSight’s mission and what are the services that you provide?

Rock InSight’s mission is to support every single band, from Blaakyum to the new fresh bands. Our mission is to organize big events with big names that will rise the scene. Our mission is to get the metal scene like the old days. We will provide extraordinary events, big names with small names, charity events, maybe events for fun and free entrances!

3- You guys helped in and organized a few events and even organized Break the Cycle but under RockRing’s name. Why did you decide to go your own way rather than joining forces with already established organizers?

Metal/Rock bands in Lebanon need support. Other organizers may just aim for profit, we wanted something new, a new organizing group, won’t this be a great addition to our metal scene? Plus, we want to organize in our own way, and draft the bands we know they deserve giving a chance. This doesn’t mean that we won’t join forces with other organizers; we joined forces with RockRing, and without them, this event wouldn’t work. They provided online advertisements, video shooting, and many other things. A very big thanks to RockRing and our brother Roy Naufal! And we will surely be joining efforts with them once again and with other big organizers also.


4- You have an event on the 16th of July. It will be the first event to be organized under the name of Rock InSight. What can you tell us about the gig? And what to expect from it?

Our first gig will be held at Metro al Madina. It will host both rock and metal bands who want to rise in the scene, supporting 2 big names in the lineup. Our mission is to help bands to get more audience, so we expect a great crowd for the amazing names we’re hosting.

5- What does Rock InSight provide that the other organizers do not?

Rock InSight is mainly a non-profit organization, it doesn’t aim for profit but its objectives are: helping bands, helping the scene rise, and entertaining the rock and metal audience.

6- What more to expect? What are the upcoming projects other than July’s event? Anything planned for the rest of the year?

Of course! Our journey won’t end here, we are thinking of an all-rock event, and many other events that will happen and we will start working on them after July 16, and the best is yet to come! And who knows? Maybe international artists will also join…


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