1. How long did it take you to complete the EP?

Due to many personal circumstances and the beginning of such a musical experiment we decided to work as slowly as possible to finish each song. It took us around a year, where once we didn’t write for 3 months because we didn’t have a bassist and 2 members were occasionally out of the country and life was happening with everyone. I mean as committed as we are to this band life happens whether death of people we knew, work travels, sickness or anything. And as mentioned before we needed some time at the beginning to adjust our lives to this commitment. But recently we have been putting much more effort as all the pieces are now easier to put in place especially with an EP on the way.

  1. So, tell us a bit more about the outcome of your EP. You first published a song called “Techno Logic”, then another called “Vesisitude”. How many other songs are on there?

Our EP is the result of our first step into finding ourselves. You can say, it’s a healthy flower before turning into a fruit. We can always progress as a band in the future, but this is a short summary of our experiments so far.

We decided to release a 4 songs EP, with a different approach to each song, and show a little bit of the variations we can go for whether with the groove, death, djent, prog or whatever style we put into our songs. It surely has the songs “Techno Logic” and “Vesisitude”, a third song called “Third War” and a 4th song is still being worked on, so it hasn’t gotten a name yet.

  1. What was the first song you wrote? How did it affect the next one?

Vesisitude was our earliest experiment. We actually started writing it just 1 week after our first meeting to see where we can find our common interests. It started simple and started getting better and better till we came up with a full song.

From what we saw in Vesisitude, which by the way didn’t have a specific plan or theme just ideas thrown here and there all from a single riff, we thought the next step is to set a challenge to write a song according to a specific rare theme and there’s when Techno Logic was written. Then we came up with Third War which is meant to be a heavy song with a somehow basic structure and a lot of disgust and brutality in the events, leading to a fourth song which will be very different from the others as well.

  1. What do the songs talk about? Are they related? Please tell us more about Techno Logic and Vesisitude, and what we should expect from your other songs.

Conceptually speaking none of the songs are related. Each song we work on takes on a different subject thus a different theme and approach whether musically or lyrically.

For example, Techno Logic is about the overuse of technology and replacing hard-working humans with robots where we as humans will soon enough be inferior to these machines who are being designed to be smarter than us and replace us completely. Something we have the chance to keep talking about for a short while before reaching a point of no return, maybe some people will actually open their eyes to it and stop being lazy and dependent on what will bring their demise very soon. Vesisitude is about the false directions our system is leading us to in order to keep their domination over us.

The other songs also have their own identity both musically and lyrically. Third war is about the revival of human experimentation during any upcoming world war and the 4th song is now clear for us but we can’t discuss it unless we actually finish and approve it.

  1. Why did you decide to introduce yourself anonymously?

Well it would have been easier for us to share it to our friends online and get many followers and a supportive feedback we expect from friends in a couple of days, but we wanted to post it anonymously to give people the chance to judge something genuinely for the sake of music not the people behind it. We wanted to get the most honest feedback despite who was behind the project because we use the band to deliver our messages, so we are not as important as individuals as the whole band is. Thankfully, we got what a very heartwarming feedback from people who had the chance to hear us out and actually had something to say. It also made us see that some people still care about this scene despite who is actually doing the music and that gives us more faith in our scene. Hopefully, all local bands are having such a support despite who is with who.

  1. How did people react to “Techno Logic”? Do you think that they found it to be as unique/new as you had hoped?

Taking this step to get as much feedback as possible, we were very happy to have comments on some tiny details that come from at least a decade of experience in composing music and some gave a few tips on how to carry on and keep progressing and that’s always welcome since we will always keep learning from anyone who throws any comments about our music. That’s how we progress too. Besides that, getting comments like “this is something you can fall in love with from beginning to end”, “this EP with a good production will become huge”, “99% of the middle eastern bands wouldn’t take this risk” and especially MetalBell Magazine who wrote “The song is actually a pretty good one and shows high musicianship and great composing abilities” and many other heartwarming comments made us truly believe that we are taking the right path with our music. We as artists no matter what we do, whether music, painting, dancing, etc… are always working and trying to come up with something people can enjoy and relate to and we believe we got what we aimed for with this song so we’re very happy with it especially that the version released is only a demo and not the EP version.

  1. Almost a week after releasing “Techno Logic”, everyone was waiting for the lineup to be revealed at any moment but instead you surprisingly released another song. Why was that and how much of a difference did it make for the band?

True, releasing a 2nd song was not actually in our plan, but we saw that some people are still not interacting with what we’re trying to do only because they don’t know who’s behind it yet, and the best way to re-write our bold statement was to give them another song to show how serious we are about our concept.

We’ll keep repeating it since no member is more important than a band. Just like when you discover a new band online and enjoy the music without even knowing who these people are personally, we would appreciate when people look at the music first, even if we have Tosin Abbasi or a random guy on guitar for example. Other than that, people also liked Vesisitude and showed a lot of support as well especially that it talks about the system we’re ruled by from its different corrupted angles and is as personal to them as Techno Logic.

So, seeing people’s reactions towards both songs gave us a huge feeling that we’re now in a position that we touched each listener with our music and that we can never afford to lose this personal touch with people listening to our music.

  1. When will you be releasing your full EP? And what are your plans after that?

The exact release date is not set yet. We are considering a lot of things going around that will make the date either closer or further. We are trying to release it in spring but we don’t want to rush anything. For now, as we said before we’re finishing a 4th song and we’re thinking about getting busy doing shows while recording the EP in an actual studio, and hopefully if everything goes according to our plan we’ll be having a very busy time between spring and summer.

  1. Thank you so much again for taking the time to answer these questions, we wish you the best of luck on your journey, and are very proud to have you as an addition to our scene! Do you have any last words?

Thank you for the nice words and for this lovely interview. We would just like to ask everyone to keep faith in our scene and always keep supporting each other because this support cannot come from anyone but the people who know how hard it is for metal musicians or bands to achieve something in this society. Even small things can do our scene a lot and show people abroad that we are all one in this scene and encourage existing and upcoming local bands to keep working harder to make you all proud of this scene and keep international bands always thrilled to play shows here.

We are here to speak your mind and make music everyone can relate to and without your support we wouldn’t have had this chance to surface in this scene. We are honestly very thrilled and excited to finally go on stage and share our storm of thoughts with every single person.

Interview With DIVULGENT


You can find DIVULGENT on:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/divulgent

Instagram: divulgentband

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH00Yyco3PHQ90sudJFGwFw


Listen to:

“Techno Logic” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47USZSSy-HY

“Vesisitude” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAglS5OkwVY

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