Epic is a Lebanese Rock band formed in 2011, being one of the few Classic rock bands around here still carrying the flames of this epochal genre. Lilas Mayassi got the chance to meet up and have an interview with Tanya Rizkala, Epic’s front vocalist, regarding the  newly released album, “Like a Phoenix”.

Lilas Mayassi: Can you tell us more about the album, specifically its title, “Like a Phoenix”, and the message behind it?
Tanya Rizkala Agostine: The album title is one of the actual songs you can find in the album which clearly represents the famous bird of resurrection, and by that I mean resurrection of our music, particularly melodic/classic rock giants and the genre we love. “Like a Phoenix” is more of a message of hope and strength to those who really need it, and we wanted to make sure that the new generation receives these positive vibes. Always learn to fight and survive, thus never give up no matter how many times life might bring you down, remember that LOVE is the key.

LM: How was it like writing for your first album?
TRA: Well, writing this album was so much fun, yet the best thing was, we as a band are more of a family and the love, chemistry, and dedication we share resulted in “Like a Phoenix”. All songs are written and composed by Mario Agostine and Tanya Rizkala with a solid rhythm section from Souheil Moukaddem aka “Sous” on drums and Mike Ganime on bass. The recording process took place in our own studio here in Lebanon where everyone laid down their final tracks, but final mixing and mastering was done in Italy.

Epic Interview

LM: Name a few bands who inspired you through this rocking journey.
TRA: We really love our style in music, and bands we grew up listening to are numerous but mainly Whitesnake, Van Halen, Heart, AC/DC, Journey, and Aerosmith to name a few.

LM: Are you guys currently endorsed?
TRA: We are proudly endorsed by international leading music brands such as TELEFUNKEN, Jackson, EVH, MUSIC MAN, MEINL, AMT, HERCULES, George Ls.

LM: How did you prompt “Like a Phoenix”?
TRA: We prompted the album on local radio shows such as Radio One and Radio Lebanon, add to that upcoming local radio TV shows. “Angels”, our first single released in 2012, ranked at No.5 in the American Broadjam Charts for the whole Asian continent and “All I Need”, released in 2013 and ranked at #2 on the Canadian Top 40 rock chart, still ranks today at #3.

LM: What are your plans for the near future?
TRA: We are planning an upcoming tour in Europe this year to prompt our album. Locally, as always, we will take part in local musical events, besides that, there’s a second album under the writing process.

LM:  Is there anything you want to say to your fans, friends, and Metal Bell readers?
TRA: First of all, thank you Lilas and Metal Bell magazine, I would like to thank all our fans locally and abroad, as well as our family and friends for their amazing support every step of the way for their beautiful souls and faith; also special thanks to Jean Jibran, our amazing sound engineer, same to our endorsers. “Keep the flame of love, passion, and Rock ‘n’ Roll alive in you”.

LM: Where can we find “Like a Phoenix”?
TRA: You can buy physical copies from local Virgin Megastore outlets, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify, and all online digital outlets.

Epic Interview

On a related news: EPIC signed a deal with Rock label: ESCAPE!! Check out official announcement:

EPIC NEWS!!We are very proud to announce that EPIC has just been signed by one of the world leading rock labels:…

Posted by EPIC – Rock Band on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Listen below to “Like a Phoenix”, the first single from EPIC’s debut album of the same name

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