– Hello and thank you for granting us the opportunity to interview you.

1. Let’s start with the band name first. What did inspire the band’s name “Sound Of DeGeneration”? Was the name change from “RebellioN” to “S.O.D.” because you switched from performing covers to only performing original songs?

“Sound Of DeGeneration” was originally a song of ours that we wrote for the album. It talks about the music scene nowadays, and when we were finalizing the theme of the album and the band, we crossed minds that since the name Rebellion is already taken and Sound Of DeGeneration (song) was maybe the exact identity that we were looking for, we decided to name the band Sound Of Degeneration or S.O.D. And since we still play somehow traditional Heavy Metal, the name did fit us perfectly.

And regarding switching from covers to originals, well we were always a band that played originals along with some covers here and there. We just wanted to express our disapproval of music nowadays starting with the band’s name, we are still a rebellion against what is marketed as music on radios and TVs.

2. Why did you choose to compose 80’s-influenced metal music rather than going into a more modern sound?

It wasn’t a matter of “choice” to write 80’s metal. We all listen to or prefer that genre or color of music individually and at some point it helped us to get through life. When we met as musicians, we agreed on that, since nowadays there are few bands that still do 80’s heavy metal, we can make our new music with the 80’s taste, maybe it’s somehow a payback gesture to honor those legends that made all this beautiful music.

3. The album has been in the making for a while and you guys posted a Demo last July, when can we expect the album to be released?

The album, yes, it has been in the making for a while, we are rerecording some parts of the songs and we will send them to get a professional mixing and mastering. Hopefully we can release it this summer, since it’s a self-funded effort and it wasn’t easy finding the right balance.


4. What will the album be about? What are the subjects that it will cover? And what to expect musically from it?

The album will be rebellious as we pointed before. Life, music, and our daily sufferings. Somehow giving hope in life to our listeners, with our heavy tunes and a bit aggressive vocal lines, hopefully our message will be delivered.

5. You have performed in several events and lately you graced Metal Bell’s 6th Anniversary stage. What is your favorite memory or story from the shows you have performed so far?

Every show has its own beautiful memory. We remember every single one of them and if we’re gonna tell stories about them, I don’t think this interview will be enough, lol.

6. What should the people expect from your upcoming shows? Will they be the same or are you going to give each event a different flavor?

People should expect loudness and heaviness, that’s guaranteed. Our show as we are known by it now, we will be dynamic, we will do our best to be worthy of people’s time and money. In every show, we try to make it different from the other, it depends on the location and space where we have to perform our show.An Interview With Sound Of DeGeneration

7. Do you think people prefer Rebellion or Sound Of Degeneration more? Meaning do they prefer when you used to play covers or when you play originals more?

We think people got it by now that there is really no difference between S.O.D and Rebellion. At the end of the day, we are the same style, same concept, same show. Just the name sounds better now.

8. Next stop is Loud N Heavy event at The Palace and then Legion at Metro Al Madina, what should we expect from Sound Of Degeneration during both concerts?

Yes, we do have 2 upcoming shows and we promise we will do the same effort in both shows. We will be playing the entire set of our upcoming album with 2 new songs added, one of them is our vocalist’s old band ObliVioN’s original (Flying High) and our latest composed song Rebellion. We will be announcing that finally our lineup is complete with 2 new members, Ralph as a drummer and Jack on guitar.

9. Any last words, news that you would like to share with our readers?

Our last words will be: We love you all, we hope you will enjoy our show, and we hope that you are excited as much as we are. It will be a night to remember.

Thank you for your time and see you at both shows Loud N Heavy and Legion.

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