Hello and thank you for granting us the opportunity to interview you.

Hey guys, thank you for this opportunity.

1) Let’s start the interview with something simple, like the name of the band. What does Khavar mean? And why did you choose that name?

Khavar is an Armenian name, it means total darkness. I chose this name because it has the right meaning for the band, its dark and its sounds darker too haha. Exactly like the music we want to make: “dark”.

2) Was Khavar a new project that was born because of the disbanding of Weeping Willow, or was it a separate project in progress that would have happened regardless of Weeping Willow’s departure from the scene?

Khavar was born where Weeping willow had no future to continue what I started 20 plus years ago. I killed it and moved on with Khavar. Khavar is the new Weeping Willow and we will keep playing some of my favorite songs of that era.

3) Would you look at Khavar as an all-Star band since it is harboring band members from Legendary local and international bands like Element 26, Nervecell/Innerguilt, Weeping Willow of course, and Ex-Nile drummer Derek Roddy?

Yes it definitely is, all the guys are great musicians and motivated, still hungry for it. Everything we do is challenging, having those guys is a blessing for me.

4) The band’s youngest and freshest member would be Yousef Helayel, The N-Jam Music School graduate who was the last addition to the band. How did Yousef join the band?

Youssef joined after I asked my longtime friend Elias Njeim [Owner of N-Jam Music School] about wanting a crazy ass guitar player. [Elias] knows me very well, and he knows that I needed someone to keep up with my driving force lol.

Youssef is not just a guitar player, his a main force in the band, and a great guy that has a lot to show for and do.

5) Was there any challenges or obstacles for Yousef to become part of and get synchronized with the band considering that the line-up is from very big names in the local metal scene? Or did it all come naturally?

He has more talent and musical ear/taste than many of the experienced musicians. So he managed things like a boss. He is 24 [years old] and ready to kill!

6) The band started in August 2018, and you guys haven’t been wasting any time, already released 3 singles and a drum playthrough with Derek Roddy. Does that mean we are expecting the album to be out soon?

Yes the album should be ready soon, Derek [Roddy] is taking care of all the studio stuff which is awesome.

I wasted some time before but now no time to waste, haha!

7) What does the three singles already released: “Death Card Dealer”, “Red Snakes”, “The Prey” discuss in terms of theme and lyrics?

“Death card dealer”: is a very personal song, since it talks about the death of Weeping Willow and questioning the future.

“Red Snakes”: Kamal had a great, political war oriented, idea for [the song]. It talkes about rivers of blood and what actually is the truth… He will take you deep into it, trust me.

“The Prey”: is about the predator and the prey. Killer lyrics from Kamal and awesome mood.

I think we should put some lyrics out there, haha.

8) What should we expect from the album? How many tracks (if there is a ready track list, can we have the titles of the songs?)?

The album will be a is mixture of everything we love, no standards or limits or anyone to please lol. Just straight out darkness and aggression.

The album should be 8 tracks, we will be releasing something soon hopefully after the concert. We don’t know all the titles for now, we have to ask Kamal haha, he will come up with sick stuff I’m sure.

9) Do you have anyone in particular that will be working on the Album art? If yes, can we know who?

No idea about the cover art for now, but yeah its a trend now to have someone famous doing it right?


10) Next stop would be your first performance ever as Khavar headlining the Legion event that will take place at Metro Al Madina on June 11. What should we expect from Khavar during the concert?

Yes first time for Khavar but many times for us, we are so exited specially having Derek fucking Roddy behind you like a tank! That alone makes my blood boil haha!!

We will be performing  surprise songs from Weeping willow, ahh sorry not a surprise anymore, haha, and also some Khavar for you. We hope everyone shows up to the show, enjoys the bands headbangs and drinks some cold beer with Us.

Expect aggression!

Thank you for your time and see you at Legion Metal Concert VI.

Thank you Metal Bell, you guys rule, see you at the gig.


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