Adel Hassan was introduced to the Lebanese Scene as Phenomy’s vocalist, just few months back, Phenomy and Adel parted ways and he was replaced by Sam Felfly. Today Adel has a few interesting projects under his belt and he is giving us an exclusive insights on them.

So here’s our  interview with Adel Hassan!

LM: At the Christmas Mission 2015, Adel Hassan ended what he started with “Phenomy” at the same place a year before, what was the true reason behind this sudden departure?

ADEL: It all happened after we got back from Turkey. I felt something is not right, and the difference in perspectives, that was enough to add more tension, but I was always ready to go on stage and sing because I really respect what we had and the effort we put regardless of our disagreements. It’s not the fans and supporters’ problem to feel this negativity when we perform for them.


LM: You’re still known in the metal scene as Phenomy’s front vocalist, who was Adel before that?  

ADEL: Before that, I had been attending local events since 2003 I guess, and supporting our bands up till today just like any metalhead. I have always been trying to get my former bands somewhere, but you know, we’re in Lebanon, they run for their jobs and degrees to survive since we can’t make a living out of metal music here. Although, due to personal reasons, I retreated a bit from the scene for about a year before joining Phenomy.

Adel Hsn

LM: What positive remnants held onto you from your past band?

ADEL: I had a wonderful experience, one that a lot of people want to have one way or another. I met a lot of new people and I enjoyed that a lot. For example, I met Anuryzm (who I greatly admire) at the Persian Rock Festival. The crowds, I loved them, they really brought out the best in me as a performer and I quite enjoyed performing on stage. So the whole thing was more like a lesson to me, and if you don’t keep learning, you don’t progress. Not to forget that even upcoming bands can teach us something, so don’t always look up to big names because this experience taught me that, somewhere, there is this young band/musician who can do what a lot of big names can’t, they just need the chance to do so.


LM: I recently heard you’re working on a project of your own and everyone is curious to know about it.

ADEL: What I can say right now is that THERE IS a band that is a bit different and the first of its kind here. We are working on our originals and there are no cover songs; maybe we would cover something for fun but for sure there is an album that we’re writing and there will be a demo soon. Most importantly, I am really thrilled about it and things are shaping just the way we all want, I have really awesome members whom I respect a lot especially for their dedication, hard work, and musical maturity, and how they can analyze really complex stuff in a matter of seconds and put each detail in the right place. It makes it really fun to keep working for hours straight. What else can I say? The best is yet to come.

LM: What bands influenced you the most?

ADEL: Slipknot, Lamb of God, anything Groove, core sub-genres, technical death, etc. But you can’t hear Slipknot not LOG in the music we’re making.


LM: Our Lebanese metal scene has always been a crazy rollercoaster; one month you notice its rise then later its sudden downfall. In your opinion, what are the reasons behind that?

ADEL: I think it’s the lack of sponsors and support from media and the false beliefs people hold that metal is something satanic, also some bands around here do not support new young bands so that’s not good for the scene at all. We all need each other’s support if we want our metal scene to rise.  And here I shall add that RESPECT is a must in this scene. We all know how hard it is and not because you could make it means you are better!! Respect these upcoming bands, support them and give them some of your time and go watch them perform just like you all wanted when you started because the only way to rise with this scene is when we all have each other’s support no matter what sub-genre each plays. I mean we saw Blaakyum at Wacken Open Air festival and now they’ll be playing at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival and sharing the stage with bands like Anthrax, Ghost, Testament, Children of Bodom, etc… and this is fuckin’ HUGE!!! It’s very much respected and earned but why not see other younger bands playing big stages as well? Support them and they’ll make it there and will absolutely make you proud of your scene.


LM: Do you think the success of a band is defined whether or not they tour abroad?  

ADEL: Definitely, touring abroad is of a great advantage to any band since they gain experience from others there and learn something different and can help them try to create new music.

LM: Thank You!!

ADEL: Thank you and Metal-Bell for this interview, I absolutely enjoyed it besides enjoying your company Lilas. Keep rising with this scene and keep your fuckin’ horns so fuckin’ high motherfuckers!

-Lilas Mayassi

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