SEPULTURA Live In Dubai Gallery

Event Description:

The legendary and highly influential Brazilian metal band, Sepultura, are set to take the Hard Rock Cafe Dubai stage with UAE’s own Svengali this December 13th. Sepultura Live in Dubai!

Formed in Belo Horizonte, Brazil in 1984, Sepultura quickly rose to the top of the Metal genre. With a sound that was as inventive and exuberant as it was raw and primal, their earlier albums helped shape the sound of a whole new strain of heavy music. The band shattered preconceptions and firmly planted South America on the metal map.


December 13th, 2017 will mark yet another historic day in the Middle Eastern Metal Scene. It has been 11 years since Sepultura was last in the Middle East, and they have only gathered an even bigger fan base in the region since.

Sepultura have released an album that once again reaffirmed the band’s status as standard bearers for heavy music. Recorded with esteemed producer and engineer Jens Bogren (Opeth/Kreator/Ihsahn/Paradise Lost) manning the controls, “Machine Messiah” is also quite simply the most complete and absorbing album the band have made in the Derrick Green era. Thrillingly broad in musical scope but always firmly rooted in the spirit and fire of no-nonsense heavy metal, it is clearly an album that the band have crafted with great love, passion, and determination.

Supporting band:

Svengali, a Dubai-based metal band formed in 2013, are one of the groups influenced by the sound of Sepultura. Svengali have become a household name in the Middle Eastern Scene with their energetic live performances and dedicated fan base, reaching number 2 on the Virgin Megastore Charts in the region. They were also the first, and only, Metal band nominated in the Ahlan Awards ‘Best Live Act’ category. With a new album lined up for release early next year, the band is pushing their sound even further.

The exciting combination of a veteran band like Sepultura, supported by rising stars in the Middle Eastern metal, promises to be a very unique show.


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SEPULTURA Live In Dubai Gallery!