We will be celebrating our 6th year of serving the Local Rock & Metal Scene on 15 of DECEMBER!
On December 15th of the year 2018, Local Bands and fans will celebrate Metal Bell’s 6th anniversary in Beirut – Lebanon!

VENUE: Metro Al Madina

Artists & Bands:

During the event, there will be a Charity food collection for the people in need by the amazing people at FoodBlessed!

Pre-Sale Tickets: 25,000 L.L. (at BACH Music Institute or call 81-350 772)
Door Tickets: 30,000 L.L.

About Metal Bell:

Starting off in Lebanon as a Lebanese Rock & Metal Magazine, Metal Bell grew faster and bigger than expected and today we have become a major Rock & Metal media, not only in Lebanon, but also in the Middle East.

6 years ago, on December 12th in the year 2012, Metal Bell Magazine released its pilot issue (Issue 0) as a “test drive” to see the reaction of the local Lebanese scene. [www.metal-bell.com/themagazine]

The magazine was received with cheers from everyone in the scene, including the biggest names, who sent or posted about the project, including local mainstream media who were curious about the whole idea.

Today the Metal Bell team are proud to have contributed, even if a little, in making the scene grow. From small events of 70-80 attendees to what we have achieved today, of events with couple of hundreds of metal fans and international bands.

We Will Remain Committed To

Special thanks to D-Vision Prods for the designs and videos.

Organized by: SledgeHammer Productions