Turbulence have been much associated with Dream Theater; we can tell it’s their favorite band already. Since Night 1 & 2, tonight was much anticipated and people have been waiting for it: Dream Theater Night |The third Arrives.

Back to the same place where Dream Theater Nights took place at Metro Al Madina in Hamra on the 7th of February. People were already gathered outside before the doors were open, either having a coffee at nearby coffee shops or just chatting, waiting to get in. And so as the doors were open, the place was full. Now Metro Al Madina is a closed venue, and with the cold winter weather, people came heavily dressed, which made it a bit uncomfortable inside. This is something Metro Al Madina should be equipped to handle, however, this was no problem for the good music would make it up to you.

The show started at 9:50 pm with an introductory music as band members walked in and were welcomed by people. The playlist had 14 songs, starting with “The Enemy Inside” and “The Shattered Fortress”. For these two songs, the sound was not perfectly set yet, as instruments were not all of the same level, but this was fixed and it was going great afterwards. For the next song, “Another Day”, Turbulence had two guests on stage: Rita Irani on vocals and Wissam Ziade on the saxophone. Both of them, along with the band, did a great job. The playlist continued with “Hollow Years”, “Along for the Ride”, “The Ministry of Lost Souls” and “In the Presence of Enemies Part II”. Then, there was a break to let people breathe in. It is worth mentioning that people were into the show from the beginning, singing along and trying to headbang whenever heavy parts with the time signature of DT’s songs allow you to without being confused how to do so.

Half an hour or so later, the show continued with 7 other songs: “Home”, “On the Backs of Angels”, “The Best of Times”, “The Answer Lies Within”, “The Spirit Carries On”, “Metropolis Part I” and finally “The Count of Tuscany”.

Turbulence are well known for their technical abilities, and so was their choice of songs to cover. The performance of all songs was simply great; everyone was up on their feet as they watched Alain Ibrahim, the lead guitarist known as “The Lebanese Petrucci”, play the solos, trying to save what they can on their phone cameras. And so was all the band, but for a band as technical as Turbulence, the vocals are the weakest link. This will probably not be a problem as the band releases its original songs and each member gets out from the structure of covered songs and into their own comfort zone. People also agreed that the music was great, some wished the band played heavier songs or certain songs from their favorite album which didn’t find its place through the set list.

Now that another successful Dream Theater Night has ended, it is time for the band to move on to what they should do. We all loved them covering Dream Theater, but now, we want to love them for being Turbulence. The band is already going through the process of finishing its debut album, and hopefully next time we see Turbulence, they will be the main title rather than DT.

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