“The scene rises, and us with it.”

NEW BLOOD is an event organised by METAL-BELL MAGAZINE following the immense success of the W:O:A Battle of the Bands . It features five up and coming progressive Lebanese acts. Although they from the new generation and some are not well known (NEW BLOOD), they are among the best within their musical field and we aim to help them showcase their full potential. Taking place at Metro Al-Madina, the following bands will rock the night:

1- AprilThey participated in the W:O:A Metal Battle and many said they should have won. April’s style, ambient progressive metal, gathers a diverse group of fans from metal-heads to rockers, from young to older people. The band has released its first EP “Archives of the Mind” earlier this year.

2- Qantara: They made their debut performance as a guest band at the W:O:A Metal Battle and, even though not participating, they won. Their music and performance hooked everyone and left them waiting for their next performance. Expectations were high but the feedback was even higher. The band plays a blend of various metal genres including ethnic progressive and Djent. They have a full album recorded.

3- Shadowalls: Well known for their talent and advanced technical abilities, Shadowalls play progressive rock. They have a wide range of fans. Shadowalls recently released their debut album “Runaway Train”.

4- Madjera: This band is not well-known in the metal scene as a whole, but is highly active and well-known in the Jbeil/Batroun area. They play their own originals and cover Heavy/Thrash metal bands.

5- Nareg Vassilian: A Progressive Thrash Metal guitar talent who has been playing the guitar since the age of 7. Nareg gained a fast reputation as a solo artist. He is mostly known for his high guitar techniques and headbanging riffs. We can’t expect less from an N-Jam Music School student.

Date: 11 July 2015 at 9 P.M.

Venue: Metro-Al Madina, Sarolla Building, Hamra

Ticketing fee is 30,000 LL + 1 beer.  Seated and standing are same price, however you need to reserve seats as places are limited.

NEW- -BLOOD-Metal-Bell-Magazine-Poster