For the third time in a row,  the Lebanese Bands Community brings you “The Christmas Mission 2014”, a fundraising event for the SOS children’s villages to provide clothes, food supplies and home supplements.

The Mission:

Task 1: The Event 

29 bands will perform on stage to raise funds for the mission.

Task 2:  The Shopping Trip

All bands members will be buying the kids what they need.

Task 3: The Visit to the SOS Village

All bands will be visiting the kids at the SOS Village to distribute the gifts

The event is on Friday, December 19th and Saturday, December 20th at The Quadrangle, Hazmieh starting 7:00PM

Event link on Facebook HERE

➢Tickets prices:
Tickets will be sold at The Quadrangle entrance on the SAME day.
*No reservations, first arrived, first seated.

➢Event Host: Randi J. Stephan

The Bands: (not in order yet)

➢Friday, DEC 19
April Rach
Halcyon Days
The Templars
Layer Cake
Sunday Arcade
Left hand rule

➢Saturday, DEC 20
Cover Band
The Institute
Violent Peace
Decibel Hunter
The Sparks
The Mob
Chained Reaction Band
Generation Gap
In Sanity Q
Cliff Makhoul & Band
Risky Violet
Highway 69

*For personal donations, transfer from outside and inside Lebanon / information / Questions Call:
HOTLINE 76 107 591

This event is organized by Better’fly in Collaboration with BandAge