For those of you who don’t know them yet, Slave to Sirens are an all-female thrash metal band from Lebanon, who came out a little over 2 years ago. Their first performance was during Metal Bell Magazine’s “The Thrash Alliance” affiliated event. (Photos of Slave to Sirens first appearance can be found here.)

Throughout these years, they have played many successful shows, including opening for British Thrash Metal pioneers Onslaught and Egypt’s extreme Metaller Nader Sadek. It isn’t easy for Lebanese bands to produce music since most are self-released and self-funded, but when bands manage to release an album or EP, we are always very proud of them.

Slave to Sirens are finally on the way to releasing their long-awaited debut EP “Terminal Leeches” and have revealed their album art and release dates on their Facebook page. We were curious about the concept behind the art cover, so we had a chance to talk to them about it. Here is what they had to say:

“The songs on the EP have different topics and different directions, including religion, war and tyranny and are open to interpretation, however they are all deeply rooted to the idea of a destructive society, so we chose to work around that idea.

The eye represents a lot of different things, but mainly it is us. You and me and them. The eye is blue, like the colour of hope and innocence and pure as the ocean, but it is staring directly at the viewer, and at the world, screaming for mercy. The leeches represent society, and how it sucks and drains out all the energy, just like the leech sucks out the blood. It distorts all of reality and changes your perception of things, leaving you blind.

The skin tone is meant to look like a “black eye”, depicting the pressure that society exerts on the individual, and the leech crawling out of the corner of the eye is a reminder that you cannot run away from pain, it will always be there even when you think that it might be going away.

An individual who cannot understand this form of dehumanization will not have the same reaction that the eye is showing you in our art work, hence it is when you know that something is wrong, but have no control over its prevalence.

We are happy with how the art work turned out, we feel like the feelings of terror and pain are really apparent, specially with the harsh and jagged lines. We chose our artist, Ghassan Kashef, because he had this style of drawing and it was exactly what we were looking for! “

Slave to Sirens will release Terminal Leeches in both physical and digital form!
As mentioned on their Facebook page, their local EP launch will be held at The Quadrangle, Hazmieh, on Sunday March 11. More information about the event can be found here.

**You can get a chance to win a FREE copy of Terminal Leeches at their event, by sharing their promo video on Facebook!

They are also going to release Terminal Leeches online. Digital distribution will be available on March 10, 2018 on most platforms such as iTunes/Apple Music | Spotify | Anghami | Deezer | Google Play Music | Amazon Music and many more, available for stream and purchase.

Links will be provided as soon the album is out

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