Roy Khan Returning To Music Seems SOON!

Roy Khan Returning To Music Seems SOON? We previously did a full investigatory article about Roy Khan’s whereabouts (here) 2 years ago, following it up with another statement from Roy himself about a possible return to music (here). It turned out that what we reported was mostly true.

After his departure from Power Metal band Kamelot, Roy Khan joined a local church in the coastal town of Moss in Norway: “Moss Frikirke”. He started working with the youth as an employee in that church, mainly with the choir and the skaters of the village. Furthermore, he helped in organizing a full free skating day “Moss Free Skate”. The event wasn’t only limited to competitions for different categories of skaters, but also included: Rodeo, Gladiator Duels, and Sumo Wrestling.  Also, the organizers set up a large wall where one can practice as a graffiti artist.

“It’s a big event, and it’s from ten to seven o’clock, so it will be a long day,” says Roy Sætre Khantatat from Moss Frikirke, who is behind the event in collaboration with Moss Skateboard Club.Moss Avis

Roy Khan Returning to music

Source: Mass Avis

For many years, speculations about Roy Khan returning to music have been made. And just yesterday, the website of the Moss Frikirke church released a statement with pictures of Roy with children. The statement was a farewell note to the “Employee Roy” but not to “Roy Sætre Khantatat” the church member:

Fest is appropriate because it was a solemn, yet light and informal farewell with a very popular employee. Roy has managed to create a unique community with the youth in the church, and his work with the youth club has been marked by mutual respect. Pastor Lande Johansen also highlighted the commitment Roy has shown towards the Moss Free Skate event. With a public skate park as its closest neighbor, Roy created a meeting place between the church and the skaters in town.

We want to be a church that cares about the community we are part of, and in this area, Roy stood out in a good way.
Roy is still part of the church. Together with his family, he will still live and work in Moss. Therefore, it was parting with a salaried employee who left a mark, but not a farewell.

Seems like Roy Khan might be going back to music, but not necessarily into Metal as he previously mentioned >here<

Pictures from the farewell ceremony at Moss Frikirke:

Roy Khan Returning to music

Roy Khan Returning to music

Roy Khan Returning to music

Roy Khan Returning To Music

Source: Moss Frikirke


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Roy Khan Returning To Music Seems SOON!

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  1. Awesome to see him happy, and to know that he’s been having such a positive impact on people. Seems he can’t help but do that no matter what path he’s on huh? 🙂

  2. I wish I could’ve met him and seen him perform but I did not become a fan of Kamelot until Khans last year. But I’m a Christian and I’m stoked that he’s happy with his new life. Maybe one day he will return and I’ll see him perform.

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