Recently, we have seen many bands that labeled themselves only as “Metal”, ditching all the sub-genres and sticking only to the mother of them all. Such bands usually have a coherent mixture of many sub-metal styles which mainly reflects the different tastes the band members have that they want to express in their composition. (This kind of attitude could be a means to get Metal back on top by uniting the scene under one big family).

One of those bands that are mastering the unity of styles in a very homogeneous way is DIMLIGHT, a Metal band from Greece. They characterize themselves as Symphonic Death Metal band that “produces a unique musical blend of orchestral dark metal mixed with various musical elements.”  In short? A “Metal” Band and a great one I must say.

The band’s musical composure is truly “unique” and “dark”. When I received the video of the second single from their third album, The Lost Chapters, and listened to it enjoyably many times, those 2 words were the main focus of my review, before I even read the band’s biography.

Invoking the Hunter is global. Whatever your style is, this song will suit your taste: the amazing riffs, the great growls, and the HAUNTING voice of Eva is beyond mesmerizing. I am in love with her voice; it is truly unique. The music is  aggressive and takes you from dark to darker. In short, a great “headbang-able” Metal Song.

Enough of my blabbering, check out the awesome official music video premiered here on Metal Bell Magazine:

Album: The Lost Chapters
Director: Athina Tousia
MUA: Crescent by Eleana Elvenstar
Actors : Joanna David , Nikos Politopoulos , Jean Baptiste (Randomwalk, Once Them Edens)

DIMLIGHT will be performing in Dubai & Egypt on April 15th & April 23rd respectively.

Also, you can watch below the official lyrical video of the first single from The Lost Chapters album, “Torrents Of Blood”.

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