The N-jam musical school wants to show us that rock isn’t dead and that the scene will always be alive. It wants to show everyone that there will always be generations of artists who will continue to put an effort in making and producing music, thus the idea of such a project was born.

And so, N-Jam musical school is organizing its first musical event played by its students featuring Nemr Abou Nassar and Michel “Labex” Labaki on October 5th at Quadrangle, Hazmieh. The event is planned to become an annual celebration for the talents of the N-Jam students.

Mainly, this project is set to be a starting point for every student in the school, giving them the opportunity to experience a stage performance and preparing them to rock out in the future. This will also be an evaluation to test their progress over the year, rewarding them for their hard work by letting them play the music they created and exposing them to a fan base where they could promote their future work whether as solo artists or when forming a band. Another exposure will be to their families who are supporting them to attend and take lessons, and in return, would like to see what their beloved have achieved. Furthermore, this will be a funding for future projects as the school is setting a goal to help all its students by both recording compilation CDs featuring their work and funding the students’ albums during the whole recording process and releasing them.

Make sure to attend the event to see what talent it is holding, as from what we have already seen of N-jam’s work, it will definitely be something up to our expectations.

More info about the event here

Check out those talented students from N-Jam Music School: