Alex is a 5-year-old boy from Lebanon and a relative of veteran bassist Vik Bajac. Alex’s favorite bands happened to be thrash legends Metallica and Lebanese thrashers Blaakyum.Ex-Blaakyum member Vik Bajac has asked the members of his former band to perform a surprise show during Alex’s fifth birthday on Saturday. Bassem Deaibess, Rabih Deaibess, and Hassan HK prepared their gear and went to the party, all ready to play some THRASH METAL.

Vik first posted about the gesture with the below status, giving no further explanation except that he performed with them as a bassist in a Private Event:

Four hours later, he shared a small video of Blaakyum featuring Vik on Bass performing Seek And Destroy. The most attractive moment of the whole scene was the kid’s reaction to the music and it was PRICELESS. Watch Video Below.

There is still hope of a new Metal generation \m//