Kaoteon is one of those bands whose shine never dims. Ok! That was a cliché, but it is true!

Imagine a band that hasn’t been active for years: no performances since 2009, a shy album release party in 2011, and some news on their page about progress in the album recording. Yet their name is, most of the times, brought up in every conversation about Lebanese Metal bands. Their legacy never faded and their fans are still as die-hard as they were during the band’s active years.

156782_475435632693_3667683_nAfter releasing VENI VIDI VOMUI in 2011, the album was embraced internationally as much as it was locally. Even METALLIAN Magazine rated the album as a MUST LISTEN, giving it 4 stars which ranked the album higher than Burzum’s “Fallen” that was released in the same year.

So what was the reason behind all this low-profile presence of the band?
In an interview with FreakShow in 2012, the band expressed their frustration of the lack of proper venues to perform at and give a good quality concert to the fans. That explains their absence from the stage, though the main reason why Kaoteon couldn’t finalize their sophomore album earlier was because both main members of the band left Lebanon to work and live abroad. But that didn’t stop the creative duo from pursuing their passion for music; Anthony even flew from Dubai to Qatar to meet with Walid in 2013 to further push the work on the album.

When we asked KAOTEON about the progress on the album and the delays, they commented:
“We took time to settle in our new countries before we decided to wake up the blackhearted beast for a new record.

Today we are done writing the material and the recording is ongoing.

We always promised music that is 100 Mental and 100 Metal.”


So here we are in 2016, and the clock is ticking… The album is nearly done. Can you imagine the passion they have to complete the work on the album when they live miles away, especially that Walid moved farther to Amsterdam a couple of years ago?

I was personally waiting for Kaoteon’s comeback and looking forward to it. I did not know what to expect until I received a tiny piece of the new material (that I am leaking through the SoundCloud widget below) sent to me by the band, and boy oh boy! That sounds amazing.

The track is called “Raging HellFire”, a song that talks about the “burning daily life in the Third World countries, where we 13254105_10157010051430061_3468400512946975257_ncarry eternal scars which most of the world cannot comprehend”, depicting our daily lives here in the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, and the likes).

KAOTEON are back! One of the most loved and cherished Metal bands in our scene is coming back to pound your heads with the most brutal, skull-crushing music.

More news will follow about the new Drummer and Bassist whose identities have not been disclosed by the band yet. So stay tuned to Metal Bell Magazine to know everything about KAOTEON’s comeback as we will be following it step by step.

Without further ado, a teaser from “Raging HellFire” that is only available on Metal Bell’s SoundCloud (note that this is only a home-recorded demo of the track with no bass guitar):



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Kaoteon Are Back!

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