Roswell is an alternative rock band from Lebanon founded in 2005. They debuted with their fiAnd I - Premiere1rst album “Reflections” the very next year. It took the guys a while to release their second album “Out Of Reach” in August 2011. For that album, Roswell released “AND I” in November 2012 on their YouTube channel with a simple yet lovely lyrical animated music video prepared by City Arts. Last month, the band announced on their official Facebook page that they will re-record the song with the beautiful voice of Marilyn Kasparian from November.

As a celebration of their 9th anniversary, we got the honors to be celebrating with you this special Roswell date by premiering the song on our website. Happy anniversary Ghaith, Vic & Fadi.

AND I – Roswell Ft. Marilyn Kasparian

(Updated on 25-4-2016)



For you, I would give myself, sacrifice myself, for you
My love, I would give my soul, I would do anything
To make me your queen, so we could live two lives and what’s in between
For your heart to be, my throne

And I, feel away
Our love is all that matters to me
And I, need to stay
with you that’s all that matters to me, right now

For you, I would change the world, create a brand new world for you
My love, so we could be alone, and skies could be our home
To make you my queen, so we could live two lives and what’s in between
For my heart to be your throne


For the love, for the care, for the joy, for the share, for that I say, to you my queen, I love you


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